Healthy Nutrition for a Healthy Mind

Healthy Nutrition for a Healthy Mind  “You are what you eat”, as the age-old saying goes. Did you read those words, then immediately think about how you look?  If you did, don’t worry.  This is a common response for a lot of people.  Many of us believe that as long as...

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Relaxation and Hypnotherapy

Most people consider massage, reflexology, meditation, reiki and other such therapies for relaxation but what about hypnotherapy? Hypnosis may be a thoroughly effective, non-invasive technique for promoting emotional good health and wellbeing. The body and mind need...

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Prince Harry and ‘Heads Together’

Prince Harry spoke out recently, the popular 32 year old royal spoke of his mother’s death 20 years ago in a car accident when he was just 12 years old and in particular walking behind the coffin live on TV with millions watching. He admitted it was one of the hardest...

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