I originally approached Barbara for help with weight loss, firstly, yes I have and still am losing weight, and learning how to change my lifestyle to accommodate far better healthy eating, but further to this she has helped me in many other areas, with phobias, my past, with physical pain and so much more, as a result of the time I have with her, my confidence has improved, I feel far more relaxed with life and get far less stressed than I have been for a long time.

I have to say that BWRT is one of the best therapy’s I have experienced and was surprised at some of my immediate reactions to its uses! Since discussing pizzas and a desire to stop, falling back to a certain company online – I’ve not eaten pizza, and the biggest surprise was to a phobia I have always had and I now feel prepared to meet snakes and can look at pictures of them and watch them on TV, which those who know me well is progress and I still look forward to coming face to face with one. I cannot recommend Barbara and BWRT enough!

Jo Sell


November 4, 2018