I was recommended to Barbara by a friend for Hypnotherapy to help with my anxiety of travelling abroad which had prevented me and my family from travelling for many years.

To be honest I was sceptical and even after the sessions I was unconvinced that anything had happened. However under pressure from my family I booked a holiday to Spain for a few months later.

The difference was truly remarkable! I would usually become anxious and even ill in the week prior to the holiday, however this year I kept waiting for it to kick in…..and it never did!! During my holiday I was unwell which again would generally cause me to panic and become anxious, but again nothing happened!

I can honestly say I was totally gobsmacked at the change in me and on my return from holiday I happily booked another for next year!
I cannot thank Barbara enough, this has changed my life and I regularly recommend her to others.

Joanne Williams, Rayleigh February 8, 2018