Barbara offers a range of therapies to successfully treat a variety of issues. Below are all the therapies offered by Barbara.


Your therapist may advise a course of Hypnoanalysis to help with your problems, this is a very effective form of therapy carried out with the aid of hypnosis, although it is very different from the standard suggestion therapy of Hypnotherapy.

With the help and gentle guidance of your qualified therapist hypnoanalysis can help you to find past events or root causes with psychological and emotional associations which maybe causing or at least contributing to the problems you are experiencing.

Hypnoanalysis may help you discover past events linked to deep rooted emotional issues often causing the problems you are experiencing, which may be a symptom of hidden underlying anxieties such as such as anger, depression, grief, guilt, shock, trauma. Many of these anxieties stem from childhood and Hypnoanalysis is particularly apt at releasing those emotions, release of such a repressed memory or emotion once exposed often results in symptoms disappearing completely.

You will work together with your therapist to discover the cause of your symptoms, hypnotherapy allows this process to be achieved in a relatively short period of time as compared to conventional analysis.

The number of sessions needed depends on the individual but may be anything from 3 to 10 sessions.

Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) - NON HYPNOSIS

Brainworking Recursive Therapy® is a dynamic, safe and extremely effective therapy… and quick too, often only needing one or two sessions. BWRT® works in a completely natural way to how your brain works and you don’t need to tell your therapist anything you don’t want to. BWRT® Level 1 is ideal for dealing with fears, phobias, anxiety, G.A.D., motivation, procrastination, grief, loneliness, anger issues, blushing and performance enhancement. Level 2 is ideal for dealing with more complex conditions such as addictions, obsessions, depression, eating disorders and much more. Level 2 allows deep and lasting changes to the core identity and is a 4 stage process.

See ‘Specialist Therapies‘ page for full details.

Other Therapies Offered

Regression to Cause
Cognitive Therapy
Magic Coaching
Serious Work for Serious Issues


Sessions are also available through Skype

Get started on becoming the person you were always meant to be: is not a replacement for GP or medical care but we can work in conjunction with the care and advice they have given. **

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