Hypnotherapy has helped me to build up my confidence and also improve my sense of well being and sleep patterns. The changes are not very dramatic soon after the session but it will show when you most need it, in those moments in our daily life when you are most challenged. I am very grateful to Barbara Shead for bringing my health to the next level.

Karla Voigts, Shoeburyness February 3, 2018

Just wanted to drop you a line to say Thank You so much... following our session of BWRT last week I managed to drive part way home on the motorway from Manchester. This is a huge step forward….I felt relaxed and no sign of any panic attack.

I have been driving locally and again feel very relaxed and in control – really appreciate all the support you have given me.
If I feel I need any further assistance I will definitely be in touch – thanks again..

Karen, Essex February 6, 2018

I was trapped in a cycle of over eating and lack of exercise resulting in weight gain, low mood & energy and poor self-esteem. I had completely lost the ability to motivate myself out of this miserable situation, despite being aware of the associated and increasing risks to my health. Barbara took the time to completely assess and understand my situation, offering me support, motivation and a unique personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme. This, together with hypnotherapy, self hypnosis, motivational tools and daily contact, enabled me to break free from my lethargy. As a result, not only did I lose weight, but experienced a truly positive outlook and regained my self belief. Thank you, Barbara!

Anne, Southend February 8, 2018

I was recommended to Barbara by a friend for Hypnotherapy to help with my anxiety of travelling abroad which had prevented me and my family from travelling for many years.

To be honest I was sceptical and even after the sessions I was unconvinced that anything had happened. However under pressure from my family I booked a holiday to Spain for a few months later.

The difference was truly remarkable! I would usually become anxious and even ill in the week prior to the holiday, however this year I kept waiting for it to kick in…..and it never did!! During my holiday I was unwell which again would generally cause me to panic and become anxious, but again nothing happened!

I can honestly say I was totally gobsmacked at the change in me and on my return from holiday I happily booked another for next year!
I cannot thank Barbara enough, this has changed my life and I regularly recommend her to others.

Joanne Williams, Rayleigh February 8, 2018

I was very sceptical of hypnosis but after only two sessions with Barbara I was feeling the benefits. She is very patient and thorough and takes time to talk and understand your problems with you. She is always coming up with useful tips and now after many years of broken sleep patterns I find I am able to get a good night’s sleep. I would certainly recommend Barbara to anyone who needs a little help – for whatever reason.

Angela, Great Wakering February 8, 2018

I had a couple of sessions with Barbara for relaxation and found they really helped focus and clear my mind. I then had a session a couple of days before a trip to the dentist, which I was very stressed about, but after my hypnotherapy I found that my anxiety lessened.

On the day of the appointment I was able to cope better and felt calmer and in control, thanks Barbara!

Suzanne, Eastwood February 8, 2018

After visiting Barbara for hypnotherapy I found my stress levels were much improved with an added bonus of better self confidence. Barbara also worked with me to help with nerves and confidence for a forthcoming musical exam and I found that in the days before the exam I felt much more certain of a successful conclusion and on the day felt very little nerves which you can imagine helped me get through this testing time, and I am delighted to say passed my exam.

B. Bradley, Southend on Sea February 8, 2018

I have enjoyed my relaxing hypnotherapy sessions with Barbara very much. She is trustworthy and professional and I would strongly recommend her to her future clients.

Louise Moring MBACP, Southend on Sea February 8, 2018

Barbara is very professional and clearly explained the process to minimise my nerves.
I felt calm and in control throughout the whole process and my symptom has been resolved completely. I would highly recommend Barbara.

Samantha Lindsay, Benfleet August 27, 2018


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